Until the full site is up, enjoy this hour-long presentation that Tamara gave in Seattle. This is the first time she presented her version of the ‘History of Personas’ and her ideas on the ‘triangle of tech sanity,’ which explains why ad hoc personas work so well when they are done correctly. Long story short, you need to identify the real problems you are trying to solve with personas…and those problems usually can be tracked back to lack of solid communication and clarity of focus at the executive, business-wide level. Also, no one knows what your business goals are, which means no one knows what they want you to build or design, which means you’re screwed and personas can help. This presentation also includes a lightning-speed overview of the ad hoc creation process, though of course this site will describe each step in much more detail.

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One response on “The History of Personas

  1. Lorie Whitker

    Thanks so much for posting this video! I’m currently trying to figure out how to provide a persona template to the BA/PM group at my company (per boss (Dir of UX) request). I’m struggling with reconciling giving them the power to create personas without facilitating their creation. This video really helped me understand that ad hoc personas are really what need to be created with these product groups instead of giving them the template to do their own. Now, to convince my boss!