Everybody has professional superpowers, which are the things you can do in unique and powerful ways. They’re personal value propositions and differentiators. But it’s a lot more fun to call them superpowers, and these are mine.

If everyone in your organization wants the same thing—to create an amazing product or service that makes your customers or users happy as clams—why isn’t your product perfect? Why do you end up with excruciating design and development processes that produce solutions full of compromises that are painful to build? Lack of clarity and focus, that’s why, I get the ideas out on the table, banish the sacred cows, and cut like a laser through invisible politics… without getting anyone pissed off or fired.
There’s no persona problem I haven’t seen, and I can conquer them all. I’ve been on the front lines of the persona movement since the beginning and I’m still there, finding ways to solve the practical, tactical challenges that stand in the way of persona power. And believe me, personas have power.

Think of this as an expert review with the power to heal. I can take a look at any user experience and spot the things that are likely to confuse regular human beings…and I can come up with practical solutions that make sense and won’t break the bank.

Just contact me. You know you want to.

Just contact me.
You know you want to.