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March 26th, 2013

Back by popular demand: Let Them Pee

Hey there! I was mentioned in this fun article by Greg Nudelman, who shows extraordinary taste when it comes to “UX People.” And just ’cause, I figured I’d repost the original, now-famous “Let them pee” blurb! Here you go! (get it?)

Imagine you are sitting in a car in the middle of a long road trip. You really have to pee. It’s all you can think about. Your eyes are peeled for the nearest rest stop. You’re spending all of your cognitive cycles trying to calculate how long you can hold it before the situation becomes dire and you´re starting to weigh the pros and cons of pulling over to the side of the road. It´s bad. Meanwhile, your beloved is sitting next to you, chattering on about how lovely the scenery is. Needless to say, you´re not that interested nor are you being even remotely attentive. Your beloved begins to get irked. Things start to escalate and both sides get irritated, each convinced they are ´right´ to be doing what they are doing.  Read More

April 2nd, 2012

We need more underpants

I found an old post that I never ported over–it’s from 2006! Remember 2006? That was like…ages ago. But it’s still a good in my extremely humble opinion, so here you go!

“Technology” is totally uninteresting to regular people. And yet, it totally fascinates and terrifies and motivates all of us who work on things that do interest real people.I just read [ed. note: in 2006!]  Christine Perfetti’s interview with Gerry McGovern published in the UIE Newsletter. There’s a super-duper diamond of a gem in it: Read More

March 31st, 2012

What happens if you don’t use personas?

A potential client once asked me to write this up to help her convince the powers-that-be to invest in the project. Thought I’d share with all y’all.

Every website, product, or service should be built on a solid, shared understanding who your customers and users are and what they want and need. This is important, not only because satisfying customer goals equals making money, but also because focus on users enables diverse internal teams to communicate using a common language and make decisions that add up to effective products. Personas are ‘fake people’ and, in some cases ‘fake companies’; they are detailed descriptions of your key customers and users built out of your knowledge of your customers, your business objectives, and data.  Read More