February 29th, 2008

More invisible than a banner ad! Able to leap right-column skyscrapers in a single bound!

Why, look, up in the sky…isn’t that the flashing “New!” graphic coming from the commissioner’s office? There must be a conversion problem in Gotham! This is a job for…

Tamara, Online Marketing Hero! Conqueror of dastardly and complex Google SEO rules! More powerful than a well-constructed differentiator! Faster than a speeding call to action! Thank god she’s here!

So yeah, apparently, I’m a hero. Oh, and a guru. But no pressure.

I was invited to do a very fun interview with Michael Miller, who talked to a bunch of folks who think a lot about online marketing. I haven’t read all the chapters yet, but I’m looking forward to getting it. You can order it on Amazon, of course…but the publisher has also generously allowed me to post ‘my’ chapter as a downloadable sample (link is at the bottom of this post).

I have no idea why they think I’m a marketing hero or guru or whatever (it’s especially interesting considering that I’m not even a marketer), but who am I to say no. I guess the ‘guru’ part means I have to go out and get a photo of myself with my chin on my hand, staring pensively out into the technical distance.

A few of my favorite self-quotes:

I believe success comes from banning the words “user” and “customer” from your organization, because I don’t believe they’re specific enough. I’d much rather see everyone in an organization going around and saying, “We want to create this feature for Maryanne, but we’re spending a lot of time on this other feature for Bobby. Don’t you think we should change our focus back to Maryanne, because we prioritized her?” To me, that’s success, because that laser focus on a very well-understood customer is absolutely magical in an organization.

And look! I said ‘corporate underpants’ in a real interview! I have no shame.

What corporate underpants means is that your org structure shows on your web site. If you can trace back each of your major navigation paths to a VP, you’ve got a problem. Just because you have these different P & L centers doesn’t mean that it’s going to make sense to Maryanne to go to a different place for each of them. Corporate underpants can show up on a site in a lot of ways. It’s making decisions about your site that are more about your internal organization and your internal goals than they are about the customer experience.

And this one, in which I crack myself up:

Marketing is a critical part of the stakeholder group that should be creating personas together, because marketers have so much great information about customers that they can bring to the table. Just like customer-centered design, the earlier marketing is involved, the better. If your job was to market the Pinto, not so much fun, right? Wouldn’t it have been great if you had been involved earlier and been able to say, “You know what? The market would really prefer a car that didn’t explode.”

Download Tamara’s Online Marketing Heroes Chapter (pdf)

Why? because it’s free, silly! Makes a great gift.

One response on “More invisible than a banner ad! Able to leap right-column skyscrapers in a single bound!

  1. Tamara Adlin

    By Toon on April 11th, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Hey Tamara,

    Found your blog after reading the chapter about you in the book. I think your chapter is one of the most interesting. If website owners only use a percentage of your knowledge, their conversion rates would skyrock, and imagine how their custom… no,no, use… no, no, Vincent and Veronica should feel!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    By the way, what a big statement about intelligence and humor you make with your blog! I love it! You will be seeing me around here more often!

    From Belgium, Toon