Alignment Personas Project Goals

No matter what the level of your project, it’s incredibly helpful to articulate the goals for the persona effort. If you are asked, you can bring up the persona goals worksheet to prove that you have been thoughtful and strategic in planning your alignment persona project, and that you have set reasonable, measurable goals which, when achieved, will have a positive impact on the team and project. After the project you’ll be able to prove your success against your goals.

In small companies and startups, work on the goals worksheet with anyone who is interested, or plan to do it with all of your participants before the alignment persona workshop. In a larger companies, complete the persona project goals worksheet with like-minded colleagues on your team, and involve your boss if possible.

The persona effort goals worksheet will help you figure out if alignment personas will help you, your team, your project, and/or your company.

The worksheet has five columns:

  • The goal and/or problem we want to solve
  • How things are today
  • How we want things to change with personas
  • Questions we can use to measure change
  • Tools we can use to measure change

You should complete this worksheet with colleagues and stakeholders who are interested in helping you plan for the alignment persona project.

Alignment Persona Project Goals worksheet with examples.

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