Preparing your Agenda & Presentation

Even if all of your workshop participants have created or worked with personas in the past, it’s important to start your workshop with an overview presentation. This helps to establish a common language you can use throughout the workshop (and your project.) It also aligns expectations, especially if personas have been created and used in in the past. The thinking, goals and process behind alignment personas will be new to most people you are working with.

If you skip the overview presentation, you’ll probably spend the same amount of time you would have dedicated to it in answering basic questions throughout the day.

I provide detailed suggestions for the overview presentation content and talking points in Step 1: Intro and Orientation. Stay tuned for the future launch of the Alignment Personas toolboxes, which will contain all the slides and templates you need to conduct your alignment personas workshop.

Workshop Agenda

Your agenda will depend on how you’ve scheduled your workshop. See Step 1: Intro and Orientation for a description of the process and an estimate of how long each step will take.

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