Travel Gems Pink Stickies & Candidates

You can see the entire Google Sheets sticky notes worksheet set for TravelGems.

Use the tabs at the bottom of your browser window to navigate to see each step in the process.

Tab 1: pink stickies

We created this list after we did Step 5: Pink Stickies. While everyone sat around the table, participants read off the pink stickies (in no particular order) while I typed them into this Google worksheet (while it was being projected).


Tab 2: Groupings / “Floors”

We completed this tab working through Step 6: Identify Persona Candidates.


Tab 3: Sorting by Group / Identifying Candidates

The information on this tab is identical to the information in Tab 2. In this version, the table is flipped to show all of the pink stickies arranged underneath their corresponding groups.


Tab 4: Candidates after discussion

The whole team discussed the original groupings. The persona candidates we created combined some of the groupings. The work also triggered a useful conversation about the distinction between users who created and contributed “gems” (which are photographs tagged with very specific locations, along with text descriptions of the location and the trip that brought the contributor there) versus the many users who consumed and perhaps commented on the gems.


Tab 5: Alignment Personas Working Drafts

The final tab in the spreadsheet is the working draft for the Alignment Persona Candidates.

It has rows for:

  • User category (if applicable)
  • Priority for this project (left blank until prioritization is completed, but included so all participants understand that this step is coming and required)
  • Persona name (alliterative and descriptive, using a different first letter for each persona)
  • Identifying quote or short (1-sentence) description
  • Meet the persona text (initially drafted by the workshop moderator and then iterated during review sessions)
  • I want / I need statements from the pink sticky exercise, and grouping headers if appropriate (and if these aren’t already used for the persona names)
  • Placeholder sections for project-specific elements that can be added or used as brainstorming topics after the personas are completed and prioritized, including:
    • How we can address the wants and needs of this persona
    • How we can ‘wow’ this persona (by offering features or experiences that he or she might not even think to ask for)
    • Value propositions and differentiators that will resonate for this persona.

demo-screenshot_36 demo-screenshot_39

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