No one can guarantee that a startup will succeed, but UX Due Diligence will  identify issues related to at least 10 of the top 20 reasons startups fail.

Problems with user experience design, user focus, and executive alignment kill products and hobble companies. UX Due Diligence identifies the delta between a plan, demo, or prototype and a successful product. The UX Due Diligence report details the work it will take (or people, or time) to create a product that will delight customers.

UX Due Diligence is fast.

One conversation with you, two conversations with the startup team, and a fast-turnaround report. In the time it takes to have a nice dinner, I can identify issues in a startup that will have massive impacts on the quality and desirability of a product or service, whether or not they have a demo.

UX Due Diligence is practical.

UX Due Diligence isn’t a pass/fail test. Most teams need to adjust their processes or their talent mix. Every report includes specific recommendations for the startup and the investor, including what not to spend.

UX Due Diligence is for investors and entrepreneurs

I’ve assessed or advised more than fifty startups, and one of the advisory services is UX Due Diligence. This work will help you with headcount planning, process development, outside resource budgeting, and often connections to the right resources to fit your needs.

Thinking about investing in or joining a startup, and want to know far along the product really is? Contact me.

Building a product or service, looking for funding, and wanting to understand how and when you need to spend on UX people and processes? Contact me.