ConsultingAfter working in customer-centered design for over 15 years, I’ve developed a collection of persona, information architecture, user experience, and human-centered design services that can focus your entire company on understanding who your customers are, what they want, and how you can design excellent experiences into every encounter they have with your products and your brand. I take a holistic and practical approach to integrating customer insights into your business strategy, product and web site design and software development processes. And, believe it or not, we can do this without costly research – more often than not you already have the data. My processes will help you get more out of the information you already own.

Alignment PersonasGet clarity and focus super-duper fast! Create your own alignment personas using a detailed, step-by-step process guide.


Corporate Underpants

A blog about design, user experience, and building customer relationships- and the silly things companies do to their customers.

UX Pioneers

Interviews with the key players in the User Experience industry.